Banana Foster - Professional Super Concentrate

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Banana Foster - Professional Super Concentrate



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Product Description

Ignite your taste buds with this famous flame-cooked dessert that was invented in 1951. What's in our Banana Foster? Bananas, vanilla ice cream and a special sauce. The rich sauce (made of butter, brown sugar, spicy cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur) is expertly flamb�d with the bananas in a hot saucepan, before being served atop the ice cream. Hot meets cold in this perfect pairing of tastes.

Technical Data

Color: Gold
Specific Gravity @ 25°C: 1.0494
SDS (MSDS) Link: Click Here

Testing Results

Diacetyl (butane-2,3-dione): 0ppm
Acetylpropionyl (2,3-pentanedione): 6ppm
Acetoin (3-hydroxybutanone): 30ppm