Thank you for your interest in opening a Real Flavors wholesale account. 

Please note that Real Flavors only offers discounts to qualified businesses. Please complete the following steps to get started.

Step 1
If you have not already signed up for an account on RealFlavors.com be sure to do so before submitting back the form below. We will use that same account to give you access to the wholesale pricing and product info.

Step 2
Complete the full form below. Once submitted our team will review your application and activate your account within 24 – 48 hours.

Step 3
After you have been activated, all products will show the available wholesale price right on the current product page.

If you need help or have any other questions concerning your orders, please email us or call: (855) 443-9685.

Wholesale Access Request Form:

Wholesale Customer Agreement: I agree as a representative of the company to hold Real Flavors LLC and any or all companies or persons associated with Real Flavors LLC harmless of any liability associated with the misuse of any of the products which I may purchase under the stipulations of this wholesale agreement that fall outside of the normal intended use recommended by the manufacturer associated with the product.
My acceptance represents my agreement of each and all of the statements and requirements found within
this agreement.