Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee

Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee

For iced coffee, it's best if you have the time, to leave the coffee in the freezer or refrigerator to cool.  If time is not on your side, just pour it over ice.  But stay away from chopped ice as it melts quickly and will lead to a watered down coffee. 


Just pour coffee over ice and add your choice for creamer and Hip Syrups Caramel and Hip Syrups Vanilla Flavored Syrup.  Whipped cream on top if you'd like!


  • 1 Cup Ice
  • 1 Cup Coffee
  • 2 Tablespoons Half & Half or Almond Milk
  • 1 oz Hip Syrups Caramel Flavored Syrup (also available in sugar free)
  • 1 oz Hip Syrups Vanilla Flavored Syrup (also available in sugar free)




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